Proactive Disclosure of Contracts Over $10,000

Year - 2009-2010 | Quarter - 2

Date Vendor Name Description Value
2009/09/28GLOBAL MAGNETIQUE INC.1219 - Acquisition of Other Machinery and Parts$12,069.75
2009/09/18VISION GLOBALE LTEE0420 - Engineering Services$13,400.17
2009/09/15COPPERHEART ENTERTAINMENT INC.0570 - Rental - Other$10,395.00
2009/09/15MARDIGRAFE INC0321 - Printing Services$15,954.75
2009/09/10IMPRIMERIES TRANSCONTINENTAL INC1134 - Materials and Supplies, Photographic or Cinematography Goods$10,290.00
2009/08/21CBCI TELECOM.COM1219 - Acquisition of Other Machinery and Parts$40,162.50
2009/08/18IMPRIMERIE SOLISCO INC.0321 - Printing Services$18,842.78
2009/08/14CEV INC1219 - Acquisition of Other Machinery and Parts$15,348.95
2009/08/11SOLOTECH INC.1219 - Acquisition of Other Machinery and Parts$30,765.00
2009/08/11ROHDE & SCHWARZ USA INC.0670 - Repair of Computer Equipment - Hardware and Software$11,193.01
2009/08/07FAKE STUDIO0420 - Engineering Services$127,932.84
2009/08/05APPLIED ELECTRONICS LTD1219 - Acquisition of Other Machinery and Parts$43,488.90
2009/07/23POST MODERNE0533 - Rental of Machinery, Office Furniture and Fixtures and Other Equipment$10,143.00
2009/07/16AMERICAN PAPER OPTICS, LLC1172 - Materials and Supplies, Office and Stationers Supplies$14,495.48
2009/07/09INSO MONTREAL1226 - Acquisition of Computer Equipment - Large/Medium - Mainframe, Mini$13,244.13
2009/07/08MARK ROBERTS MOTION CONTROL1219 - Acquisition of Other Machinery and Parts$19,959.29
2009/07/01DIGITAL FILM TECHNOLOGY GMBH0665 - Repair of Other Equipment$37,089.90

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