Proactive Disclosure of Contracts Over $10,000

Year - 2013-2014 | Quarter - 2

Date Vendor Name Description Value
2013/09/26LES DISQUES SEMPRINI0420 - Engineering Services$12,660.00
2013/09/25IMPRIMERIES TRANSCONTINENTAL INC0321 - Printing Services$33,718.18
2013/09/17RESEAU C.A. INC0583 - License/Maintenance fees for Application Software~Frais de licence/maintenance de logiciels d'application$15,173.00
2013/09/17APPLIED ELECTRONICS LTD0585 - License/Maintenance fees for Networking Software~Frais de licence/maintenance des logiciels de réseautage$39,991.00
2013/09/11CONROY ROSS PARTNERS0491 - Management Consulting$33,000.00
2013/09/10ERNST & YOUNG S.R.L/S.E.N.C.R.L.0491 - Management Consulting$10,000.00
2013/09/03GLOBAL MECHANIC MEDIA INC0420 - Engineering Services$22,200.00
2013/09/03CARDBOARD TREEHOUSE0420 - Engineering Services$28,860.00
2013/09/02MEDIAPLUSPLUS INC0352 - Public Relations Services$23,500.00
2013/09/02ROHDE & SCHWARZ USA INC.1282 - Computer Equipment - Servers~Matériel informatique - serveurs$16,945.59
2013/09/01CANADIAN RADIO-TELEVISION AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION1143 - Materials and Supplies, Printed Matter, Including Books, Newspapers, Pictures, Manuscripts and Forms$24,096.00
2013/09/01JAM3 INC0420 - Engineering Services$14,700.00
2013/08/30ACME FILMWORKS INC0352 - Public Relations Services$10,301.00
2013/08/27NANOS RESEARCH CORPORATION0492 - Research Contracts$23,703.03
2013/08/23MAROON FILM INC0420 - Engineering Services$12,544.00
2013/08/22FINALE EDITWORKS0420 - Engineering Services$16,250.00
2013/08/19ROHDE & SCHWARZ USA INC.1219 - Acquisition of Other Machinery and Parts$42,092.31
2013/08/16DANIEL PELLERIN DSP0420 - Engineering Services$12,500.00
2013/08/05MOMENT FACTORY INC.0420 - Engineering Services$78,000.00
2013/07/30THE WYLIE AGENCY (UK) LTD0420 - Engineering Services$22,500.00
2013/07/29CHANNELS AUDIO & POST PRODUCTION0420 - Engineering Services$11,000.00
2013/07/24CSI LEASING CANADA LTD0587 - Rental of Computers - Servers~Location d'ordinateurs - serveurs$141,229.17
2013/07/23SEARCHLIGHT RECRUITMENT INC.0491 - Management Consulting$27,000.00
2013/07/23REDLAB INC0420 - Engineering Services$15,100.00
2013/07/23SEARCHLIGHT RECRUITMENT INC.0491 - Management Consulting$33,500.00
2013/07/22BELL CANADA0231 - Data Communications Services~Services de transmission de données$428,880.00
2013/07/22APPLIED ELECTRONICS LTD1286 - Server Operating System and Utility Software~Systèmes d'exploitation des serveurs et logiciels utilitaires$18,270.00
2013/07/17TEAMSPACE CANADA0420 - Engineering Services$30,000.00
2013/07/08CEV INC0588 - Rental of Computers - Client Domain~Location d'ordinateurs - Environnement client$18,802.50
2013/07/02WHERECLOUD INC0473 - Information Technology and Telecommunications Consultants~Experts-conseils en technologie de l'information et en télécommunications$13,860.00
2013/07/01DIGITAL FILM TECHNOLOGY LLC0665 - Repair of Other Equipment$66,903.53

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