Proactive Disclosure of Contracts Over $10,000

Year - 2016-2017 | Quarter - 2

Date Vendor Name Description Value
2016/09/26RICHTER S.E.N.C.R.L0401 - Accounting and Audit Services$43,350.00
2016/09/26JUMP STUDIOS LTD.0420 - Engineering Services$16,800.00
2016/09/25DATROX COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES INC.1283 - Computer Equipment - Client Domain~Matériel informatique - environnement client$18,340.00
2016/09/22APPLIED ELECTRONICS LTD1285 - Application Software~Logiciels d'application$47,067.00
2016/09/12LES PRODUCTIONS BELIBIS INC0420 - Engineering Services$14,000.00
2016/09/10CLEAR K INC0420 - Engineering Services$26,000.00
2016/09/05THE GOOD CHANGE PICTURE COMPANY INC0420 - Engineering Services$16,650.00
2016/09/05EXSONO INC0420 - Engineering Services$11,752.00
2016/09/05DELOITTE LLP0491 - Management Consulting$75,000.00
2016/08/22NORMANDIN BEAUDRY0491 - Management Consulting$32,500.00
2016/08/19VIDEO MTL0533 - Rental of Machinery, Office Furniture and Fixtures and Other Equipment$10,756.54
2016/08/16DATROX COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES INC.1282 - Computer Equipment - Servers~Matériel informatique - serveurs$39,847.00
2016/08/15CENTRE FRANCO ONTARIEN DE RESSOURCES PEDAGOGIQUES0352 - Public Relations Services$20,700.00
2016/08/07ORACLE CANADA ULC1285 - Application Software~Logiciels d'application$14,363.70
2016/08/01CSI LEASING CANADA LTD0587 - Rental of Computers - Servers~Location d'ordinateurs - serveurs$216,165.00
2016/08/01APPLIED ELECTRONICS LTD0673 - Computer Equipment - Client Domain~Matériel informatique - environnement client$35,667.00
2016/08/01APPLIED ELECTRONICS LTD0672 - Computer Equipment - Servers~Matériel informatique - serveurs$61,370.00
2016/07/27JAKO LANTERNE STUDIO DE CREATION SCENOGRAPHIQUE0420 - Engineering Services$30,500.00
2016/07/14ERNST & YOUNG S.R.L/S.E.N.C.R.L.0401 - Accounting and Audit Services$38,000.00
2016/07/13DELOITTE LLP0401 - Accounting and Audit Services$60,000.00
2016/07/06QUI VIVRA VERRA FILM0420 - Engineering Services$45,000.00
2016/07/04GOPRO INC1219 - Acquisition of Other Machinery and Parts$19,432.05
2016/07/04LES PRODUCTIONS MUSIQUE TACITE INC.0420 - Engineering Services$11,000.00

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