Proactive Disclosure of Travel Expenses

Proactive Disclosure of Travel Expenses - 2009

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-12 to 01-13Various meetings$583.83
01-21 to 01-22Various meetings$27.87
01-26 to 01-27Attend - Ciné Québec 2009$204.83
01-27 to 01-29Attend - Toronto University Club and Ryerson University Conferences$1 642.61
02-09 to 02-10Various Meetings and Attend the Post-Mortem Central Europe$498.85
02-12Attend - Board of Trustees of the Telefilm Canada$13.46
02-14Various meetings$832.55
02-16 to 02-20Attend - Conference of Canadian Film and Television Production Association and Meeting - Heads of agencies$1 679.21
02-24 to 02-25Attend - Public hearings on regulating the net with the CRTC$524.62
03-03 to 03-04Meeting - Toronto production centre$705.89
03-04 to 03-05Various meetings$341.25
03-10 to 03-25Various meetings$30.05
03-26 to 04-01Attend - MIPDOC & MIPTV global markets$2 639.76
04-02 to 04-09Various meetings$63.46
04-04 to 04-05Attend - 29th Genie Awards$480.48
04-14Meeting - Heads of agencies$107.68
04-23Various meetings$251.91
04-27 to 04-28Meeting with the AV Trust$227.50
04-30 to 05-09Attend - Hot Docs Festival$3 319.49
05-03 to 05-05Attend - Screening of "The Strangest Dream" at the United Nations$1 125.31
05-09 to 05-10Attend - The Governor General's Performing Arts Awards$400.62
05-13 to 05-16Attend - Festival of First Nations Origins and Evening homage to the NFB at the High Commission$2 976.46
05-16 to 05-22Attend - Cannes Film Festival$8 061.19
05-27Various meetings$82.95
05-28 to 05-29Attend - Board of Trustees of the Telefilm Canada and Various Meetings$24.52
05-30Various meetings$243.26
06-02Various meetings$10.14
06-06 to 06-10Attend - Banff World Television Festival$3 232.37
06-14 to 06-17Attend - Board of Trustees of the National Film Board$1 518.73
06-18 to 06-21Meeting with the Canadian Embassy at the Canadian Cultural Centre$4 247.70
06-21 to 06-25Attend - Sunny Side of The Doc$882.24
07-08Meeting with Foreign Affairs to celebrate 80th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic presence in Japan$318.00
08-11 to 08-15Meeting with UN Habitat, Launch of "Slum Diaries" and Meeting with Canadian High Commission and Kenya Film Commission$2 042.85
09-08 to 09-13Attend - Board of Trustees of the National Film Board$1 737.52
09-13 to 09-16Attend - Toronto International Film Festival$1 454.93
09-23Various meetings$13.70
09-30 to 10-03Meetings with French ministry of culture and Leading French broadcasters, Attend homage for NFB's 70th anniversary hosted by the Ambassador of Canada$3 015.30
10-03 to 10-08Attend - The world's audiovisual content market (MIPCOM)$1 060.25
10-08 to 10-12Paying Homage to NFB and Attend the Darklight Film Festival$590.84
10-13 to 10-14Cooperation Agreement signed with the Audiovisual Secretariat of Brazil's Ministry of Culture (SAv/MinC)$516.66
10-15Attend the Canada Media Fund focus groups$845.29
10-18 to 10-21Various Meetings - NFB Committee - Digital Strategy$1 237.22
10-21 to 10-23Attend - The St-John's International Women Film Festival and announce new presence of NFB in Newfoundland$1 442.79
10-26 to 10-27Attend - The International Institute of Communication (IIC) Annual Conference$90.54
10-27Various meetings$46.91
11-03 to 11-10Attend - Sichuan TV Festival to preside at NFB Day, top level talks with Chinese broadcasters and government officials, presentation to the industry$7 365.74
11-11 to 11-17Attend - Rencontres du documentaire de Montréal & various meetings$76.75
11-13Meeting - Edmonton production centre$553.12
11-13 to 11-15Attend the 24th Annual Gemini Awards$879.03
11-18Strategic Review Meeting with Treasury Board of Canada$61.46
11-19Launch of Filmmaker-in-Residence (FIR) St-Michael's$349.13
11-20 to 11-24Various meetings, Launch of Oscar Campaign, Collaboration with Canadians Abroad and Canada-California Business Council$1 822.85
11-25 to 11-26Various meetings$23.08
11-29 to 12-02Attend - Canadian New Media Awards & business meetings$1 410.84
12-09 to 12-11Attend the Conference of David Suzuki at the UBC & Meeting - Vancouver production centre$1 339.51
  Total : $65 275.10

Proactive Disclosure of Hospitality Expenses - 2009

Date(s) Event Description Total Cost
01-12Dinner - Business development$100.55
01-15Dinner - Business development$104.84
01-28Lunch - Business development$38.46
02-20Refreshments - Business development$24.96
03-04Lunch - Business development$21.60
03-30Refreshments - Business development$22.26
04-29Breakfast - Business Development$40.38
05-15Dinner - Business development$107.33
05-15Refreshments - Business Development$28.30
05-19Dinner - Business Development$522.50
05-28Dinner - Business Development$146.48
05-30Lunch - Business development$40.70
06-02Breakfast - Business Development$28.85
06-06Refreshments - Business Development$32.80
06-24Dinner - Business development$127.86
06-25Lunch - Business development$69.77
09-02Dinner - Business development$57.69
09-23Dinner - Business working session$89.27
10-08Lunch - Business development$59.31
10-22Lunch - Business development$73.62
12-10Business working session$30.77
  Total : $1 768.30