Proactive Disclosure of Travel Expenses

Proactive Disclosure of Travel Expenses - 2010

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-25Screening at the Canadian Museum of Civilization$167.65
01-27Various meetings$13.46
01-30 to 02-02Attend the Manitoba Film & Music Showcase$950.98
02-03 to 02-06Attend the Economic Club of Canada Conference and Business meetings$1 476.16
02-11 to 02-12Meeting - Toronto production centre$925.62
02-18 to 02-19Attend - Conference of Canadian Film and Television Production Association$241.85
03-10 to 03-11Attend the annual Pen and Politics Gala evening attended by leading cultural figures, cabinet ministers and members of Parliament$262.04
03-12 to 03-13Outaouais Film Festival : Homage to Francois Macerola; attend a lunch and cultural exchange at the French embassy$420.11
03-20 to 03-27Presentations to the Asian Side of the Doc & Hong Kong's Filmart, Asia's leading film tv market and to explore new business opportunities$2 767.05
03-30 to 03-31Presentations to the Halifax Centre and meet with the industry$1 330.08
03-31 to 04-02Business meetings$1 151.30
04-06 to 04-09Presentation to the members of the secretariat of UNESCO at invitation of Canada's ambassador to UNESCO and other meetings$1 732.58
04-09 to 04-15Attend the world's audiovisual content market (MIPTV)$1 704.50
04-15 to 04-21Various meetings$2 537.14
04-23 to 04-24Moderator at on a panel at the 15th Biennial National Conference of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Canadian Bar Association$362.71
04-27 to 04-28Attend - Board of Trustees of Telefilm Canada$546.19
04-29Presentation at the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage$345.64
04-29 to 04-30Attend the opening of Hot Docs Festival and various meetings$392.82
04-30 to 05-02Launch of NFB films at the Governor General Performing Arts Awards gala$269.04
05-04 to 05-11The official launch of NFB's contribution to Canadian Pavilion of Expo 2010 and meetings with leading Chinese broadcasters$5 869.22
05-11 to 05-14Meeting - Vancouver production centre$1 742.68
05-20 to 05-21Participation on a Panel with the head of CMF and extensive discussions with DOC Winnipeg members$1 099.20
05-31 to 06-03E-cinema launch in Newfoundland$1 570.90
06-05 to 06-08Attend the Board of Trustees of the National Film Board.$2 831.48
06-12 to 06-16Attend the Banff Television Festival. Unveiling and presentation to the industry of new interactive works produced by the English and French programs. Meeting of Banff board of directors. Chaired the digital strategy meeting with the industry.$2 539.29
06-17 to 06-19Attend the 2010 Broadcasting Invitational Summit, asked to speak on the need for a digital strategy.$590.36
07-08 to 07-09Attend the screening of "Act of Dishonour" and meeting with the members of the Afghan-Canadian Community.$834.32
07-23Attend the annual Hot Docs Board retreat. $593.89
07-31 to 08-09Meeting with Canada's ambassador in Beijing, David Mulroney. Attend official opening and participate on the invitation of the World Mountain Documentary Festival of Qinghai; give a speech at the forum; Explore partnership opportunities.$1 356.21
09-10 to 09-16Attend the Board of Trustees of the National Film Board and the Toronto International Film Festival. Attend the opening of BellLightbox with an NFB film. Opening address at the DocConference.$3 466.56
09-16 to 09-17Attend a breakfast organized by the President and CEO of the Fédération Desjardins at the Musée canadien des civilisations in Gatineau. Official meetings in Ottawa.$718.79
09-19 to 09-25NFB Cross-Canada tour - Atlantic region from September 19 to 25, 2010. Visits to Moncton, Tatamagouche, Charlottetown and Fredericton. Meetings with community leaders and public meetings.$2 308.48
09-28Meeting with Treasury Board and Canadian Heritage. $143.32
10-05Attend the reception at the National Arts Centre in honour of Deputy Minister Judith Larocque. Meet with new Deputy Minister at Canadian Heritage, Daniel Jean.$101.14
10-05 to 10-06Attend the VIP evening with delegates from the China Film Bureau and a screening of Jean-François Pouliot's film Impressions at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Speech given by the Commissioner. Invited by Heritage Minister James Moore to a special screening of the film Incendies.$383.91
10-13Invited by Foreign Affairs and International Trade to a reception marking the 40th anniversary of Canada-China relations. $149.21
10-15Signing in Ottawa of the partnership agreement between the Canadian Sciences and Technology Museums Corporation and the NFB. Presentation of the new Echo + Ice exhibition to the media.$84.79
10-19 to 10-22Staff meeting at the NFB Vancouver office. Attend the Board of Trustees of Telefilm Canada. $2 016.71
10-25 to 10-29NFB Cross-Canada tour - Ontario region from October 25 to 29, 2010. Visits to Timmins, Windsor, Kitchener and Waterloo. Meetings with community leaders and public meetings.$2 634.77
11-05Meeting at the Department of Finance. $100.61
11-06 to 11-12Renewal of the memorandum of understanding with NHK in Tokyo. Presentation on creating interactive works. Attend several meetings with officials from NHK Enterprises.$3 813.87
11-12 to 11-14Attend the 25th Annual Gemini Awards. $889.79
11-22 to 11-26NFB Cross-Canada tour - Prairies region from November 22 to 26, 2010. Visits to Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg. Meetings with community leaders and public meetings.$2 571.78
  Total : $56 008.20

Proactive Disclosure of Hospitality Expenses - 2010

Date(s) Event Description Total Cost
01-20Lunch - Business development$61.96
01-31Lunch - Business development$31.73
02-04Lunch - Business development$27.54
02-05Dinner - Business development$54.13
02-05Refreshments - Business development$49.04
02-05Lunch - Business development$48.84
04-10Refreshments - Business development$20.22
04-14Breakfast - Business development$48.53
06-14Refreshments Business development$30.00
06-15Refreshments Business development$26.96
06-15Refreshments Business development$90.24
07-14Lunch - Business development$82.37
07-29Lunch - Business development$66.05
09-11Breakfast - Business development$58.76
11-16Refreshments - Media relations$20.84
  Total : $717.21