Proactive Disclosure of Travel Expenses

Proactive Disclosure of Travel Expenses - 2011

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-03 to 01-07Various meetings at the NFB Toronto office and business meetings with the industry. Follow-up of files and projects. $1 071.14
01-25Meeting with the Deputy Minister office at Canadian Heritage. Attend the monthly breakfast with the Heads of agencies. $374.69
02-01 to 02-03Attendance at the inaugural event of the joint Canadian Film Centre and the NFB Feature Documentary Program - Inspiration and Innovation. Various meetings in Toronto.$706.96
02-16 to 02-18Attend the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) conference and gave the opening address at the luncheon on the final day. $719.91
02-28 to 03-03Various meetings in Toronto. Follow-up. $843.81
03-14 to 03-19Attend the 4th Brazil-Canada Coprod Forum. Invited to speak at the Forum and at the Rio Content Market. Participated as a panellist in the round - table discussion on cross-platform distribution. Meetings with the Ambassador J. Khokhar & with the secretariat of audio-visual re: Brazil-NFB MOU.$2 369.74
03-21 to 03-23Attend the Board of Trustees of the National Film Board. $478.22
04-04 to 04-07Attend MIPTV and various meetings. $1 014.97
04-07 to 04-10Speech to the Canada Club Geneva, attend the Nyon Festival and various meetings with people in the industry. $1 641.83
04-19 to 04-21Various meetings $781.98
04-27Meeting of Canadian Heritage portfolio agency heads. $164.70
04-28 to 05-04Attendance at Hot Docs and the Broadcasting Summit at Langdon. Invited there to moderate the panel on new distribution platforms. $2 780.45
05-10 to 05-11Meetings and event in Ottawa $428.48
05-12Various meetings $787.12
05-13 to 05-15Attend the Media Awareness Network Board of Directors meeting and events organized by the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Foundation, of which the NFB is a partner.$444.24
05-15 to 05-22Attend several meetings were arranged to discuss potential collaboration between NFB and French Broadcasters, mobile companies and other institutions. $4 318.67
05-17Guest of honour at one of the tables at the Documentary Brunch organized by the Marché du Film of the Festival de Cannes. Meeting with key French partners.$423.28
06-06 to 06-10NFB Cross-Canada tour - Pacific region from June 6 to 10, 2011. Meetings with champions in Vancouver, Surrey, Prince George and Calgary. In Calgary, meetings with the Mayor and various representatives of the arts and business communities.$1 874.15
06-10 to 06-14Attend the Banff Festival. Presentation of NFB transactional capabilities during what has become a "must" event - the NFB Lunch. The NFB also won an excellence award for our work in the digital field. High-level meetings with industry executives.$1 880.04
06-20 to 06-22Attend the Board of Trustees of the National Film Board. $611.16
07-07 to 07-11Attend the Jerusalem Film Festival, which gave a prime place to NFB animated films. Participated in forums and discussions with the Canadian delegation.$1 300.93
07-18Various meetings $132.37
08-29 to 08-30Attend the conference of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC), the NFB received an award for digital innovations. $808.05
08-30 to 08-31Meetings at the NFB office in Vancouver. $744.36
09-06 to 09-14Attend the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and meeting of the Board of Trustees of NFB. Various meetings at the NFB office in Toronto. $2 905.45
09-14 to 09-17Invited to attend the International Council Summit held at the Paley Center for Media $1 250.53
09-26 to 09-27Delivering a speech at the Economic Club of Canada in Toronto on the theme of economic visibility of video services for the Internet $912.29
09-29 to 10-01Attend the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) $1 564.12
10-19 to 10-20Participate to various meetings at the NFB Toronto office $925.35
10-23 to 10-25Invited to deliver an opening address at the International Women in Media Summit (IWDMS) in Stratford $907.78
10-25 to 11-01Invited to Tokyo to follow-up the progress of current coproductions and the collaboration that we have under the Memorandum of Agreement between the NFB and NHK. Agreed to be present at the Ceremony for the Japan Prize and to receive two awards on behalf of the NFB.$4 900.29
11-02 to 11-04Presence in Ottawa for the launch of the inuit DVD Boxset Unikkausivut: Sharing Our Stories $449.75
11-06 to 11-08Participate to activites in Kuujjuaq to Iqaluit surrounding the launch of the inuit DVD Boxset Unikkausivut: Sharing Our Stories $218.76
11-08 to 11-10Attend in Val Cartier and in Quebec City the launch of the documentary The Van Doos in Afghanistan $476.24
11-10 to 11-11Attend Ottawa screening of the documentary The Van Doos in Afghanistan and the official activities marking the Remembrance Day $1 223.11
11-12 to 11-16Attend in Paris to the opening of the Semaine du cinéma québécois and participate to several meetings $3 055.97
11-22Attend a meeting in Ottawa at the National Arts Center. $330.20
11-28 to 11-29Attend at the conference in Ottawa of the International Institute of Communications (IIC) $642.71
11-30 to 12-01NFB Cross-Canada Tour (Public Event Albion Public Library) and various meetings in Toronto. $575.68
12-01 to 12-08Attending the Ventana and Latin Side of the Doc. Give two presentations at the Latin Side of the Doc and at the luncheon organized by the Canadian Embassy. Meeting of leading players in the industry.$2 135.45
  Total : $49 174.93

Proactive Disclosure of Hospitality Expenses - 2011

Date(s) Event Description Total Cost
02-04Lunch - Business relation$58.35
03-28Dinner Business working session$57.16
03-30Lunch - Business working session$63.84
05-04Lunch - Business development$55.13
05-06Dinner - Business development$265.98
05-10Refreshments - Business working session$14.85
05-11Lunch - Business development$61.81
09-16Lunch - Business development$42.08
09-20Lunch - Business meeting$73.40
09-30Business lunch$26.92
10-10Breakfast - Business meeting$20.06
11-21Dinner - Business Development$125.29
12-07Dinner - Business developpement$76.04
  Total : $940.91