Proactive Disclosure of Travel Expenses

Proactive Disclosure of Travel Expenses - 2014

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-15History Museums Network meeting $195.61
01-30Meeting at Canadian Heritage, Meeting with the Canadian Ambassador in Belgium and participated at the event of Northern Light $217.13
02-05Meeting at Library and Archives Canada $473.21
03-02 to 04-30Various expenditures in Montreal, business meetings and travel $196.84
04-07 to 04-08Attend a reception for "A Taste of the Arctic" and business meetings in Ottawa $406.02
04-28 to 05-01Participation in the Toronto Hot Docs festival $1 257.31
05-01 to 05-31Various expenditures in Montreal, business meetings and travel $82.86
05-28Official inauguration of the new exhibit areas - Royal 22e Régiment Museum $152.69
06-03Frame X Frame: Opening of the exhibit on animation at the Musée de la civilisation de Québec $168.07
06-06 to 08-28Various meetings and events in Montreal in June, July and August 2014 $113.08
06-25Attend a reception given the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario for the NFB's 75th anniversary and business meetings in Toronto $494.70
06-27Meeting the winners of the « 2014 Canada Day Challenge » $155.56
07-08 to 07-09Participate to the NFB Board of Trustees meeting $1 032.00
07-14Meeting with representatives of the DOC (Documentary of Canada) $991.41
07-21 to 07-28Meetings at NFB office, professionnal and business meetings in Vancouver $635.75
07-31Attend a reception given by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario for the "1914-18: The Making of the Modern World Conference" and business meetings in Toronto.$689.91
08-08 to 08-09Patricipate in the World Acadian Congress in Edmunston $992.51
08-19 to 08-21Attend an event at Rideau Hall (Ottawa) and business meetings in Toronto. $961.51
09-03 to 09-04Several business meetings in Ottawa $513.23
09-04 to 11-25Various meetings and events in Montreal in September, October and November 2014 $252.55
09-08Appearance at the CRTC $417.04
09-11Attented the screening at Val Cartier of "The Van Doos: 100 years with the Royal 22e Régiment" $217.46
09-13 to 09-14Attented the AFF (Atlantic Film Festival) in connection with the 75th anniversary of the NFB $952.63
09-15Attented a meeting of the Treasury Board of Canada $130.53
09-17 to 09-19Attended the screening of "The Van Doss: 100 years with the Royal 22e Régiment" and NFB Board of Trustees meeting $838.80
09-22Cancellation fees for the train - did not participate to the Quebec Conference $44.75
10-15 to 10-17Business meetings with the Government of Nunatsiavut and attended their official reception $1 662.50
10-23 to 10-24Business meetings at the NFB office in Winnipeg and with producers and filmmakers from Winnipeg $949.25
10-25 to 10-29Attended the DGC (Directors Guild of Canada) Awards, meetings at the NFB office in Toronto, screening of "The Van Doos: 100 Years with the Royal 22e Régiment" at the Alliance française in Toronto. Meetings in Ottawa and appearance before the Senate.$1 568.54
12-01 to 12-02Attended the Annual Public Meeting 2014 of Telefilm Canada in Ottawa $475.79
12-03 to 12-23Various meetings and events in Montreal in December 2014 $185.80
12-09As a board member, participate to the board meeting of the GGPAA - Governor General's Performomg Arts Awards Foundation $239.17
12-16 to 12-17Participate to the finance comitee meeting of the CRC Canadian Retransmission Collective and to the annual meeting of the Canadian Documentary Channel. Meeting with a former Board member of the NFB.$930.74
  Total : $18 594.95

Proactive Disclosure of Hospitality Expenses - 2014

Date(s) Event Description Total Cost
04-09Business lunch with one guest$81.35
04-14Business breakfast with one guest$16.10
04-16Business breakfast with one guest$14.49
04-29Business dinner with one guest$45.69
04-30Business lunch with one guest$47.57
04-30Business dinner for one guest$52.79
05-05Business dinner with one guest$39.91
05-28Business dinner for on guest$30.21
06-17Business breakfast with one guest$20.33
06-25Coffee meeting with one guest$13.27
06-27Business lunch with one guest$60.40
07-14Lunch with one member of the Board of Trustees of the NFB$50.55
07-18Business breakfast with one guest$20.39
07-22Dinner meeting with one guest$21.30
07-22Lunch meeting with one guest$34.14
07-23Breakfast meeting with one guest$29.59
07-30Business breakfast with one guest$11.40
07-31Business dinner with one guest$75.35
08-19Lunch meeting with one guest$40.08
09-09Business breakfast with one guest$53.00
09-12Business breakfast with one guest$12.40
10-21Business breakfast with one guest$39.86
10-28Lunch meeting with an NFB employee$46.57
12-10Lunch meeting with one guest from the HEAD "Haute école des arts et du design" of Geneva$49.71
12-11Dinner meeting with two members of the NFB Board of Trustees$157.02
12-11Breakfast meeting with one member of the NFB Board of Trustees$30.39
12-16Business dinner with one guest$59.78
12-18Breakfast meeting with one guest from Radio-Canada$38.48
12-19Working breakfast with the General director (interim), French Program (ONF)$17.86
12-22Lunch meeting with one guest (consultant/producer)$44.30
12-23Lunch meeting with one guest (consultant/producer)$17.84
  Total : $1 272.12