Proactive Disclosure of Travel Expenses

Proactive Disclosure of Travel Expenses - 2015

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-06 to 01-19Various meetings and events in Montreal in January 2015 $48.14
01-12 to 01-13Meetings with the producers, employees and people of the industry at the Moncton and Halifax studios.  $1 548.14
01-19 to 01-21Meetings in Ottawa with Canadian Heritage and Annual public meeting of the Canada Council for the Arts. Meetings with the producers, employees and people of the industry at the Toronto studio. $1 040.21
02-04GGPAA Board members meeting. Meetings with Chantal Nadeau (APFC), Guy Matte (Rendez-vous de la francophonie), Yves St-Onge & Marc Mayer (MBA/National Gallery).$282.28
02-05 to 02-27Various meetings and events in Montreal in February 2015 $116.21
02-09 to 02-13Meetings with the producers, employees and people of the industry at the Edmonton and Winnipeg studios. Special screening of Trick or Treaty? in Winnipeg organized with the NSI. Training and NFB Board Members meeting on February 12 and 13 in Toronto.$2 265.78
02-18 to 02-23Represent the NFB at the Oscars and at the events surrounding the Awards night, i.e. dinner with the Consul General of Canada, Canada Stars event and evening organized by Ron Diamond for the animation nominees.$4 154.51
03-01 to 03-02Represent the NFB at the Canadian Screen Awards $746.33
03-02 to 03-04Meetings with the people of the industry and with the Vancouver employees. Launch of Rendez-vous de la Francophonie and Prime Time in Ottawa$2 501.42
03-09Launch, at the National Gallery of Canada, of the TV series "Le rêve de Champlain". Invitation from TFO $215.78
03-11 to 03-27Various meetings and events in Montreal in March 2015 $158.66
03-23Appearance before the parliamentary committee. Review of the Canadian feature film industry. $219.45
04-08 to 04-22Various meetings and events in Montreal in April 2015 $73.85
04-23 to 04-30Presence at Hot Docs 2015. Represents the NFB at a festival gathering people from the documentary industry. $2 854.31
04-30At the invitation of the Honorable Shelly Glover, attends the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the poem "In Flanders Fields" by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae.$250.77
05-01 to 05-04Screenings of the film Hadwin's Judgement with the communities of Old Masset and Queen Charlotte in British-Columbia $2 344.30
05-06 to 05-07May 6: Presence before the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance. May 7: Présence au congrès annuel de l'Association québécoise de la production médiatique.$251.27
05-11Work session in Toronto $1 097.27
05-14Dinner with the Board of Trustees Members $6.15
05-29 to 05-31Attend events surrounding the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards. May 29: Awards Ceremony. May 30: GGPAA Gala Evening, May 31: GGPAA Board members meeting.$880.50
06-01 to 06-05Presentation of the Action plan 2015-2016 to the employees in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto. June 5: Meeting with the Deputy Minister and Heads of Portfolio Organizations.$3 088.51
06-11Meeting with the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario for a discussion on the contribution of Ontario Arts & Culture in the World. $535.33
06-15 to 06-17Presentation of the strategic plan to employees of the Halifax and Moncton studios. $1 056.97
06-24 to 06-25Attend the grand reopening  of the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, Halifax. $951.30
07-08 to 07-29Various meetings and events in Montreal in July 2015 $43.25
07-09 to 07-10Participate to the NFB Board of Trustees meeting $704.65
07-16Work session at the Toronto NFB's office and presentation to the employees of the new General Director, Creation and Innovation. Launch of NFB works presented at the Aboriginal pavilion, part of the Pan Am Games in Toronto.$670.25
08-10 to 08-27Various meetings and events in Montreal in August 2015 $139.07
09-01 to 09-30Various meetings and events in Montreal in September 2015 $100.50
09-14Attend the TIFF: Attend the screening of "Ninth Floor" an NFB production. Meeting with Mrs. Mkosi, CEO of the National Film and Video Foundation of South Africa.$430.78
09-15 to 09-18Trip to Vancouver for the NFB Board of Trustees meeting. Other events: TELUS Gardens opening, NFB Circa 1948 installation at the Simon Fraser University.$2 174.75
10-01 to 10-30Various meetings and events in Montreal in October 2015 $274.00
10-20 to 10-23Speach at the Rotary Club. Visits at the NIFCO (Newfoundland Independant Filmmakers Cooperative) and the ACC (Arts and Culture Centre). NFB film screening at the Women Film Festival (Sexy Laundry).$1 860.47
11-01 to 11-30Various meetings and events in Montreal in November 2015 $131.94
11-14 to 11-15Inauguration of the new NFB offices in Moncton $903.64
11-18One day trip to Ottawa/Gatineau for a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Canadian Heritage $317.80
11-19 to 11-22Trip to Happy Valley, Goose Bay, Labrador (Nunatsiavut). Launch of the Nunatsiavut government activites. Symposium. Signing of an agreement with the Nunatsiavut and attend the "Illusuak Cultural Centre & talent development initiative".$2 057.72
11-26Trip to Ottawa fo the GGPAA Fondation Committee (Governor General's Performing Arts Awards) $373.55
11-29 to 12-02Participation in the CRTC Discoverability Summit $1 733.91
12-02 to 12-31Various meetings and events in Montreal in December 2015 $136.72
12-16 to 12-17Trip to Toronto for the CRC (Canadian Retransmission Collective) and the Documentary Channel meetings. $968.39
  Total : $39 708.83

Proactive Disclosure of Hospitality Expenses - 2015

Date(s) Event Description Total Cost
01-06Lunch meeting with two persons from the Cirque du Soleil$98.10
01-07Lunch meeting with one guest$65.40
01-08Breakfast meeting with one guest$16.53
01-21Lunch meeting with a former NFB producer$46.07
02-04Coffee work meeting with Director general of the APFC (Alliance des producteurs francophones du Canada$30.73
02-11Lunch meeting with Executive Director of Cultural industries of Alberta and one NFB Executive producer$94.19
02-12Dinner meeting with three members of the NFB Board of Trustees$254.61
02-16Lunch-meeting with one guest$64.79
02-17Lunch meeting with one guest$65.40
02-25Breakfast meeting with one guest$33.38
03-17Lunch meeting with one guest$51.24
03-19Breakfast meeting with one guest$17.51
03-25Breakfast meeting with one guest$27.97
03-27Lunch meeting with two guests from RIDM and the NFB French Program Director General$121.65
04-10Lunch meeting with one guest$61.49
04-22Meeting with two NFB directors$91.88
04-27Dinner for an NFB Board member with the Commissionner and team members of Hadwin's Judgement before screening$32.77
04-29Dinner for an NFB Board of Trustees member with the Commissionner before the projection of Highrise$33.90
05-11Dinner work meeting for one guest - NFB producer$36.53
05-14Dinner with the NFB Board of Trustees Members$326.59
07-13Lunch meeting with one NFB genral director$53.46
07-21Breakfast meeting with one guest$22.26
08-17Breakfast meeting with one guest$17.19
08-26Coffee meeting with one guest$7.79
08-27Breakfast meeting with one guest$25.13
09-01Breakfast meeting with one guest$49.65
09-09Breakfast meeting with one guest$30.41
09-14Lunch meeting with one guest$30.54
09-29Breakfast meeting with one guest$27.12
10-01Lunch meeting with one guest$67.20
10-05Dinner meeting with one guest$99.30
10-06Meeting with two guests$30.23
10-19Lunch meeting with two guests$100.80
10-21Dinner with Louis Puddister, member of NFB's Board of Trustees and member of St. John's Rotary Club$104.62
10-22Dinner meeting with two guests and two NFB employees$371.43
10-27Lunch meeting with one guest$67.20
11-14Working session (lunch) with two guests$73.98
11-23Breakfast meeting with one guest$11.36
11-30Coffee meeting$18.30
12-03Dinner meeting with two members of the NFB Board of Trustees$149.41
12-09Lunch meeting with one guest$67.20
12-10Lunch meeting with one guest$67.20
12-11Work session (lunch) with two guests$100.80
12-16Coffee meeting with one guest$5.49
12-16Dinner meeting with one guest$44.75
12-21Lunch meeting with one guest$67.20
12-23Work session (lunch) with one guest$66.78
  Total : $3 347.53