Proactive Disclosure of Travel Expenses

Proactive Disclosure of Travel Expenses - 2016

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-01 to 01-31Various meetings and events in Montreal in January 2016 $90.10
01-14Trip to Toronto for the Telefilm Canada Board of trustees meeting $1 008.67
01-19Trip to Toronto for the CRC (Canadian Retransmission Collective), the kick-off meeting at the NFB for the Toronto move and a meeting with Janet Hueglin Hartwick (NFB BoT member).$785.17
01-27 to 01-28Trip to Regina for meeting with Mary-Lynn Charlton. Travelling to Toronto for next day. $990.53
01-28 to 01-29Trip to Toronto for meeting with the architects for the NFB move. Travelling to Ottawa for the next day. $600.66
01-29Trip to Ottawa (for the Nunatsiavut boxset launch and meeting with Jean-Daniel Lafond) and to Toronto for the next day. $406.43
01-30Trip to Toronto for the DM@X conference (Digital Media at the Crossroads) $489.25
02-01 to 02-29Various meetings and events in Montreal in February 2016 $99.25
02-03 to 02-04Trip to Ottawa for the Prime Time event $501.36
02-24 to 02-25Trip to Toronto for meetings with the architects, TFO and Janet Hueglin Hartwick $1 023.66
02-29 to 03-04Vancouver: Minister Joly's visit (NFB offices) and NFB announcement for women. Ottawa : RDV de la francophonie$2 568.41
03-02 to 03-31Various meetings and events in Montreal in March 2016 $304.00
03-07 to 03-09Attend the NFB announcement for the commitment towards women. This announcement was made at the WIFTV Advocacy Panel (Woman in Film and Television Vancouver) and the VIWIFF (Woman in Film Festival).$1 870.07
03-13 to 03-14Attend the Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto $712.55
04-01 to 04-30Various meetings and events in Montreal in April 2016 $296.58
04-12 to 04-15Attend the screening of "Ninth Floor" at the Senate (Ottawa). Participation at the Tribeca festival (New York). $1 911.36
04-18 to 04-19Attend the screening of "Un film avec toi" at Rideau Hall. $466.22
04-21 to 04-23Attend the NFB BoT meeting and the screening of "A woman of purpose" (Hot Docs). $494.74
04-27Attend the gala for the Women in Communications and Technology (WCT). $56.11
05-01 to 05-03Attend the Discoverability Youth Summit (CRTC-NFB). NFB film screenings at Hot Docs. Meetings with Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC), On Screen Manitoba and Women in View.$1 275.40
05-01 to 05-31Various meetings and events in Montreal in May 2016 $106.50
05-04 to 05-05Participation at the AQPM congress $469.98
05-07 to 05-09Attend the INPUT event May 7-9. Flight Calgary-Toronto on May 9 for the CRTC summit (discoverabity). $1 394.59
05-09 to 05-11Participation at the CRTC Discoverability Summit. $992.49
05-26 to 05-29Attend the Yorkton Film Festival $1 802.70
05-29 to 06-01Attend the Dalhousie University ceremony awarding Alanis Obomsawin an honorary Doctorate $1 089.27
06-02 to 06-30Various meetings and events in Montreal in June 2016 $174.62
06-10 to 06-12Attend the Governor General Awards and meeting with the Director of "un film avec toi". $333.21
06-19 to 06-22Attend the Spotlight Awards gala (award for Claude Joli-Coeur), Vancouver Angry Inuk screening, Senate, Ottawa - Ordre national du Québec handed to Alanis Obomsawin, Québec.$2 231.29
07-01 to 07-31Various meetings and events in Montreal in July 2016 $64.80
07-05 to 07-08Meetings for the Board of Trustees and the Finance & Audit Committee Meetings with NSI, MTS TV, National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, Winnipeg Art Gallery and On Screen Manitoba$1 486.42
08-01 to 08-31Various meetings and events in Montreal in August 2016 $85.50
08-03Meetings with Canadian Heritage and Art Bank, Canada Council for the Arts. $337.08
09-01 to 09-30Various meetings and events in Montreal in September 2016 $145.63
09-02 to 09-30Dinner with the Board of trustees members $22.00
09-11 to 09-14Attend the TIFF,Screening from de NFB (WindowsHorses and We can't make the same mistake twice) Cocktail SODEC-Telefilm event (Birks Diamond tribute to the year's women in film)-Special reception for Alanis Obosawin.$1 817.74
09-19 to 09-20Attend the gala of the AFF(Atlantic Film Festival).-Meeting with the NFB employees. $1 269.59
09-24 to 09-26Attend the screening of ''Theater of Life'' and Hand Line cod'' at the ''Arts ans Culture Centre (ACC)''of St. Johns Meeting with Louis Pudddister (board of trustees member), Kelly David (NFB) and another guest.$1 127.12
10-01 to 10-31Various meetings and events in Montreal in Octoberber 2016 $96.67
10-11 to 10-16Meetings for the Board of Trustees and the Finance & Audit Committee Meetings with NSI, MTS TV, National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, Winnipeg Art Gallery and On Screen Manitoba$2 651.94
10-19 to 10-20TORONTO, OCTOBER 19: - Meeting with the French NFB employees ImagiNATIVE Festival. OTTAWA, OCTOBER 20: - Meeting at Canadian Heritage$1 103.66
10-22 to 10-23Director's Guild of Canada awards gala $831.02
10-30 to 10-31Charlottetown Film Festival : Reception and closing film "Bluefin". $1 129.08
11-01Screening of "Two Lovers and a Bear" at the National Arts Centre (invitation from the Minister Mélanie Joly, Canadian Heritage). $147.93
11-01 to 11-30Various meetings and events in Montreal in November 2016 $253.61
11-01Screening of "The Apology" at the Senate $189.28
11-09 to 11-11Albert Tessier Prize awarded to Alanis Obomsawin. - Meeting with the Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec Moncton : - Meeting with the Moncton NFB staff. - Opening and screenings at the FICFA$1 294.57
12-02Various meetings and events in Montreal in December 2016 $265.24
12-09Documentary Channel (DOC) annual meeting. Meeting with the NFB employees. $475.73
12-14Toronto NFB offices move. Work meetings. $761.46
  Total : $40 101.24

Proactive Disclosure of Hospitality Expenses - 2016

Date(s) Event Description Total Cost
01-15Working session (breakfast) with two guests$63.62
01-18Dinner meeting with one guest$71.40
01-19Dinner meeting with one guest$141.16
01-20Lunch meeting with one guest$67.20
01-27Lunch meeting with one guest$61.58
01-28Lunch meeting with one guest$59.78
02-01Working session (coffee and lunch) with two guests$96.77
02-02Working meeting (breakfast) with two guests$16.89
02-16Breakfast meeting with one guest$21.75
02-22Working session (lunch) with two guests$65.38
02-24Dinner meeting with two guests$153.24
02-24Working session with two guests$38.00
02-26Lunch meeting with one guest$68.00
03-02Working session (lunch) with two guests$65.99
03-02Working session (breakfast) with two guests$18.98
03-07Working session (coffee) with two guests$8.52
03-14Lunch meeting with one guest$68.00
03-23Working session (coffee) one guest$12.42
04-05Breakfast working session$24.92
04-20Lunch working session$68.00
04-22Working session (coffee) with a guest$19.95
04-22Breakfast working session$16.96
05-03Working session (coffee) with a guest$10.98
05-03Lunch working session$68.00
05-11Working session (breakfast) with two guests$42.76
05-19Lunch working session$89.25
05-19Breakfast working session$13.16
05-20Breakfast working session$15.48
05-30Dinner meeting with 1 guest$42.85
06-28Breakfast working session$14.31
06-29Lunch working session$68.00
06-30Lunch working session$48.70
07-07Dinner- NFB board of Trustees$222.79
07-14Lunch working session$64.14
08-17Dinner -meeting with a guest$85.28
08-18Breakfast working session$15.87
09-02Breakfast working session$17.86
09-22Dinner -meeting with the board members$184.78
09-26Breakfast working session$15.74
09-26Lunch working session$26.73
10-11Lunch working session$17.83
10-19Lunch working session$58.48
10-26Breakfast working session$21.36
10-27Breakfast working session$17.92
11-02Breakfast working session$17.15
11-03Breakfast working session$72.46
11-09Lunch working session$34.50
11-16Lunch working session$69.00
12-05Breakfast working session$36.27
12-14Working session (coffee) with a guest$14.37
  Total : $2 634.53