A cel animation painting. Image taken from Georges Schwizgebel’s 2006 animated short Jeu, set in a helter-skelter world that evokes the chaos of modern life

Citizen Engagement

John Grierson, the NFB’s founder and first Commissioner, wanted the NFB to be the “eyes of Canada” and to ensure that it would “through a national use of cinema, see Canada and see it whole: its people and its purpose.”

True to his vision, the NFB’s mission today is to be an ever more relevant reflection of Canadian society. Through programming that puts priority on social and political issues, the NFB wants to give a voice to citizens and to help reinvigorate democratic participation in society. The NFB is also taking advantage of new technologies and the immense potential of the Internet to encourage direct dialogue with Canadians and to promote the circulation of ideas. The NFB’s efforts in this regard are intended to create and develop a powerful public space promoting creativity, diversity, reflection, action and education.