A cel animation painting. Image taken from Georges Schwizgebel’s 2006 animated short Jeu, set in a helter-skelter world that evokes the chaos of modern life

Cultural Diversity and Indigenous Perspectives

As a vibrant instrument of social cohesion, the National Film Board of Canada must portray the full range of diversity in Canada and promote cultural and ethnic diversity, both on screen and behind the camera, throughout the film industry. In this way, the audiovisual heritage of our pluralist society will continue to be enriched and become all the more relevant.

The NFB is a public producer that is unique in its ability to adapt to change and renew itself, keeping pace with the evolution of Canadian society. Cultural diversity at the NFB is a core value manifested in its policies and programs. For filmmakers from cultural and Indigenous communities, this commitment takes the form of support for professional development at all steps of production and postproduction, including project development and top-flight technical assistance.

In addition to specific initiatives set up to foster an environment favourable to the development of Indigenous cinema and the emergence of visible minority talent, many films produced as part of the regular programming of NFB studios are also made by members of these communities.

The cultural diversity of the NFB is not limited to filmmakers but includes all production staff, craftspeople and administrative staff, so that the institution as a whole is a picture of Canadian society.

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