The NFB Interactive production team uses a tablet computer to show Robert Redford the interactive webdoc Bear 71 at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.


The NFB is recognized the world over as one of the great cultural laboratories for innovation. Our artists and artisans continue to lead the way with advances in form and content in documentary, animation and cross-platform media, and to pioneer developments in digital and stereoscopic animation.

To ensure that it remains a source of innovation and excellence for decades to come, the NFB has developed a strategic plan based around five key goals:

1. Creative leadership and programming excellence in social issue documentary, community-engaged media and auteur animation.

2. Wide accessibility and democratic engagement that will make the works of the NFB readily and widely accessible to Canadian and international audiences across a range of platforms and promote a broad, socially inclusive discourse.

3. A digital transformation that will serve as the foundation for the NFB to deliver on its mandate well into the future, in programming, distribution, new business development, outreach and the preservation of Canada’s audiovisual heritage.

4. Organizational renewal that will make the NFB a model for creative organizations in the 21st century, delivering value to Canadians through environmentally responsible, flexible and efficient structures and work processes.

5. Firm financing that will put the NFB on a sound financial footing, from which to deliver on its mandate.

Today, the NFB is working to develop the next generation of Canadian media pioneers, leading the way in the new digital landscape as we have in documentary and animation cinema for 70 years. This commitment to emerging filmmakers is part of a broader mission to put media-making skills into the hands of Canadians from all walks of life and give a voice to under-represented communities across the country. What we do benefits all Canadians. The NFB was founded by Parliament in 1939 to build a homegrown Canadian film industry. Today, we work with creative media makers and private-sector partners in every region. We provide a unique environment in which breakthroughs are born and develop creative and technological innovations as Canada positions itself to compete in the global creative economy.