The NFB Interactive production team uses a tablet computer to show Robert Redford the interactive webdoc Bear 71 at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

New filmmaking

When documentary pioneer John Grierson founded the NFB, Canada did not yet have a cinema industry to call its own – so Grierson and his team set out to train one. Today, as Canada’s filmmakers rank among the world’s best, the NFB continues to nurture emerging directors.

The NFB will continue to extend the work it has done in the last few years in developing lowcost, highly effective programs that fill the gap between the film and training schools and first professional production experience. Short film programs like Momentum (documentary) and Hothouse (animation) have pioneered an integration of master classes and full professional production to train the next generation of artists and artisans. Such programs have allowed for innovative ways of involving underserved communities. First Stories, Second Stories, Wapikoni mobile and the Nunavut Animation Lab, for instance, have nurtured emerging filmmakers in Indigenous communities. And they have done so in partnership with a range of other institutions, including provincial agencies, broadcasters and independent production companies.These programs are among the very best in the world. They respond to a specific need-allowing new artists to develop their voice in a professional milieu.

These programs are constantly being nurtured, revitalized and adapted to new technologies. We are extending their reach more broadly into all regions of the country. In particular, we are exploring the use of technology to extend the reach of such programs into more physically remote areas of the country. We are creating a nationwide database of this pool of emerging talent. We are putting in place programs to develop career paths for the most promising of the new talent. We are solidifying current partners and exploring new partners, for example Telcos, for emerging filmmaker programs for mobile shorts or cross-platform content. We are branding and trademarking these programs and we are looking at exporting the brand into the international marketplace to enrich the experience for new Canadian creators.