August 2011

Summaries of ATIA Completed Requests for August 2011

Request Number Summary of Request Disposition Number of Pages Released

All records relating to the following films:

  1. Blue Vanguard
  2. The Thin Blue Line
  3. Overture
  4. On Guard with UNEF
  5. The Security Council
  6. You are Welcome Sirs, To Cyprus
  7. Postmark UNEF
  8. A Life of Adventure
  9. Goodbye War
  10. Keeping the Elephants Away
  11. Harder Than it Looks
  12. Peacekeeper at War; A Personal View of the Gulf War
  13. Protection Force, Three Parts
  14. Shake Hands with the Devil
Disclosed in part 371

All archived records pertaining to the following films:

Peoples of Canada (1940-1), Iceland on the Prairies (1941), Ukrainian Winter Holidays (1942), Ukranian Dance (1943), Poland on the Prairies (1944), Polish Dance (1944), Peace River (1942), New Home in the West (1943), New Scotland (1943), Alexis Tremblay : Habitant (1943), Land of Quebec (1944), Habitant Arts and Crafts (1944), Maple Sugar Time (1941), Alouette (1944), Eskimo Arts and Crafts (1943), Eskimo Summer (1944) and Arctice Hunters (1944).

Documents relating to involvement in above mentioned films of following directors and/or producers:

Laura Boulton, Jane Marsh, Don Sparling, James Beveridge, Stuart Legg, Radford Crawley, Stanley Hawes, Norman McLaren, Dallas Jones and Robert Edmonds.

Condensed guides for film utilization used by projectionists;

Monthly reports drafted by projectionists.

Photos taken by projectionists.

Reports, documents and correspondence exchanged between John Grierson and Donald Buchanan, John Grierson and Tracy Philipps of the Committee on Cooperation on Canadian Citizenship (aka Nationalities Branch) John Grierson and the War Information Board, John Grierson and the Canadian Council of Education for Citizenship, John Grierson and the Canadian Association for Adult Education, John Grierson and projectionists, John Grierson and directors of above mentioned films.

Documents relating to Donald Buchanan.

Documents relating to John Grierson’s involvement in Quebec films.

Disclosed in part 1319 + 2 CD-roms