January 2012

Summaries of ATIA Completed Requests for January 2012

Request Number Summary of Request Disposition Number of Pages Released

Reports, correspondence, meeting minutes and memos about « First Stories » and « Second Stories »

Following memos, correspondence, proposals and newsletters :

  1. André Belleau, memo to Vic Adams, 18 May 1967
  2. Gail McEachern, memo to John Kemeny, 7 June 1967
  3. Don Duprey, memo to John Kemeny, February 1968
  4. Vic Adams, memo to John Kemeny, July 1968
  5. John Kemeny, memo to Vie Adams, 16 September 1968
  6. Kahn-Tineta Horn, “Draft: Address and Comment by Kahn-Tineta Horn, Mohawk Six Nations
  7. Iroquois Confederacy, Caughnawaga, PQ at the National Film Board Viewing Theater”Unpublished speech, 17 September 1968
  8. W. G. Lee, memo to J.Lysyhyn, 21 October 1968
  9. Travelling College, 1968
  10. Noel Starblanket, Memo to George Stoney re: Screening Corwall rushes in Cornwall on January 17 January 1969
  11. Virginia Stikeman, “Comments to File,” regarding You are on Indian Land, n.d. (1969?)
  12. “Notes of a Meeting Held to Consider Collaboration between the NFB and the DIAND in a Program to Train Selected Indians in Filmmaking,” 29 May 1970
  13. Bernard Devlin, memo to John Howe, 12 March 1971
  14. Noel Starblanket, “Proposal from the Nishnawbe Institute,” n.d.
  15. Mike Mitchell, memo to Bernard Devlin, 26 April 1971
  16. Sharon Ruhly, “Ethnie Community Involvement in Media Production: A Case Study of the First Indian Film Crew of the NFB,” unpublished paper, 28 November 1973
  17. Wally Wason, “A Challenge for Change Film Distribution Proposal,” 30 November 1973 Gordon McDevitt, “The New Brunswick Indian Project,” 2 July 1974
  18. Mike Mitchell, “North American Indian Travelling College-Report of Screening of NFB\\’s Films” 23 September 1974
  19. Virginia Stikeman, “God Help the Man Who Would Part With His Land,” n.d. Potpourri (newsletter) 1974
  20. Report on the Native Indian Training Program, n.d.
  21. “Native Indian Film Training Program, May 1969-February 1974,” n.d.
  22. Bernard Devlin, “Memo to Obomsawin,” 13 March 1974 (Amisk file)
  23. Mark Zannis, “Distribution Report: Cree Hunters of Mistassini,” September 1974
  24. “Notes from a Conversation with the Filmmakers,” Cree Hunters of Mistassini, n.d.
  25. “Notes from a Conversation with Mort Ransen on The Transition and You are On Indian Land,” 21 October 1974
  26. Alanis Obomsawin, “Report on Native Production,” 3 October 1979
  27. Newsletters from Studio One
  28. Carol Geddes, Memo to Graydon McCrea, NFB, Edmonton, 6 June 1991
  29. Gail Valaskakis, “Preface” internal NFB document, 30 September 1991
  30. “Our People, Our Vision: An Aboriginal Studio at the National Film Board of Canada” Edmonton, NFB, 1991
  31. Loretta Todd, Proposal for Forgotten Warriors, 1993
  32. Hal Seybold, Letter to Barbara Cranmer, 26 November 1993
  33. National Film Board, “Supplementary Comments to the CRTC,” 1994
  34. Mark Zannis, Memo to Don Haig, NFB, Edmonton, 12 October 1995
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All emails sent and received by employees with regards to access to information requests between November 3rd 2011 and January 9th 2012.

Disclosed in part 100

All records relating to the David Suzuki Virtual Classroom event, between November 4th 2011 and December 20th 2011.

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