November 2014

Summaries of ATIA Completed Requests for November 2014

Request Number Summary of Request Disposition Number of Pages Released
2014-2015-12 Provide documents that detail the annual vacation awarded to holders of positions in the director category. Disclosed in full 3
2014-2015-13 Provide copies of any communications with David Suzuki, his agent or representative regarding Mr. David Suzuki’s own implication and/or appearance in the 2014 Virtual Classroom event featuring David Suzuki on October 6th, 2014. Disclosed in full 38
2014-2015-14 Provide copies of documentation generated between September 9, 2014 to October 16, 2014 regarding the 2014 Virtual Classroom event. Disclosed in full 14
2014-2015-15 Any document, between 1971 and 1980, relating to the project “Projet Baie James”. Disclosed in part 1176
2014-2015-16 Any document relating to the project “Harmonium en Californie” Disclosed in part 186