Positions Available


POSITION STATUS: Continuous, Full-Time
DIVISION: Finance, Operations and Technology
DEPARTMENT: Technical Resources
SALARY RANGE: 9 – $68,217 to $86,368
LOCATION: Montreal

Creates the final mix of the soundtrack of a feature film, short film, promotional material, as well as possible future formats, that achieves the desired sonic balance between its various elements (recorded dialogue, sound effects, music, etc.) and the director's or sound designer's original vision for the project. The final mix will be achieved by using a mixing console in a full-sized mixing stage.

  • Mixes the different sounds recorded during shooting and arranges them to produce harmonious ensembles while respecting the situations of the filmed scenes and the position of the camera at the time of shooting;
    - Adds ambient sounds and sound effects to the soundtrack, uses material from the NFB sound library when necessary and incorporates it into the mix soundtrack;
    - Ensures that dialogues re-recorded in post-synchronization mesh with the ambient sound of the shooting;
  • Performs noise correction introduced during sound recording by using sophisticated equipment and software, under controlled studio conditions to obtain a high-quality final audio product that meets the customer’s technical and aesthetic requirements.
  • Conducts voice, sound effect and music recordings;
  • Provides technical advice and information to help customers better appreciate the technical and logistical constraints of sound processing and mixing console operation as well as on technical developments with respect to sound recording, effects, mixing and reproduction;
  • Produces deliverables such as 7.1 or 5.1, 2.0, MED, and STEMS, will also be making the transition to Dolby ATMOS.   
  • Produces a Mix Report for each project, outlining what deliverables were created, and at what levels the meters read.
  • Attends meetings and makes suggestions regarding equipment purchasing, technological changes, standardization, updating and improvement of the division’s standards and processes;
  • Contributes to the development of new or upgraded technologies that will help improve the final product of sound mixing, tests new equipment and processes; 
  • Ensures that equipment is in good condition and working order and that facilities are kept clean and tidy.
  • College diploma in cinematographic, audiovisual technology, or other relevant fields;
  • Experience of minimum 8 years as re-recording mixer;
  • Proficient in Pro-tools software;
  • Excellent technical knowledge of audio equipment and editing software;
  • Excellent knowledge of the audiovisual environment, its codes and arrangements to make according to the public, customers;
  • Excellent knowledge of the different digital formats used in sound mix;
  • Ability to manipulate with precision and work sound for the moving image.
  • Fluency of both official languages required (English and French).
  • You will work in rotation shifts: evening and day shifts.
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Excellent organizational skills, ability to work efficiently under pressure.
Interested candidates with the above qualifications are invited to apply in writing, including a copy of their résumé to, BY JULY 23, 2018, citing competition number: JS-00021556.