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Embryonic Development: The Chick

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This film illustrates the development of the chick embryo, through all stages from germinal disc to hatching, employing animated diagrams and cine-micrography of the living embryo. Normal-speed and time-lapse photographic sequences, and animated diagrams, sometimes superimposed on microscopic views of the embryo, are used to clarify growth processes.

1953, 25 min 50 s

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First Prize - Category: Scientific Films
International Film Festival
December 26 to 31 1957, Rapallo - Italy

Cup of the National Association of Film Journalists
Annual Documentary Film Festival
November 19 to 25 1956, Salerno - Italy

Certificate of Merit - Second Prize - Category: Science
Annual Film Festival
April 1 1955, Kootenay - Canada

Honourable Mention - Category: Non-theatrical
Genie Awards
May 10 1954, Montréal - Canada

Recognition of Merit
Annual Golden Reel Film Festival - Film Council of America
April 1 to 3 1954, Chicago - USA

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