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The Ballad of Crowfoot

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This short film examines the situation of Indigenous people in North America through the figure of Isapo-muxika (Crowfoot), the legendary 19th-century Siksika chief. A rapid montage of archival photos, etchings and contemporary newspaper clippings is married to the words and music of an impassioned ballad written by Mi'kmaq singer and songwriter Willie Dunn.

1968, 10 min 18 s

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Award of Excellence
Atlantic Film Festival
October 20 to 25 1987, Halifax - Canada

First Prize , Mention and Best Selection
SODRE International Festival of Documentary and experimental Films
July 2 1971, Montevideo - Uruguay

Blue Ribbon Award
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
May 12 to 16 1970, New York - USA

Gold Hugo - Category: Short Film
International Film Festival
November 8 to 20 1969, Chicago - USA