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Pas de deux

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The film acts as a sort of magic mirror to the dance, as McLaren captures and multiplies the grace in the movements of two dancers from the Grands Ballets Canadiens. Margaret Mercier and Vincent Warren move through a pas de deux, dressed entirely in white. Filmed in a studio where both the walls and floor were painted black, the film was lit from the side so that only silhouettes of the dancers appear, multiplied over and over again on the film. The result is a harmonious synthesis of research and creation.

1968, 13 min 22 s

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Top Film of the Festival
International Festival of Short Films
November 13 to 18 1971, Philadelphia - USA

Prix du Secrétaire d'État auprès du Premier Ministre chargé à la jeunesse, des sports et des loisirs
Festival of Music and Dance
June 1 1971, Menton - France

Trophy of the Festival
Festival du film à format réduit
October 12 to 18 1970, Salerno - Italy

Best Short FIlm Award
International Film Festival
October 8 to 15 1970, Panama City - Panama

Blue Ribbon Award
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
May 12 to 16 1970, New York - USA

Emily Award
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
May 12 to 16 1970, New York - USA

First Place - Category: Creative Art
Yorkton Film Festival
October 22 to 24 1969, Yorkton - Canada

Honourable Mention - Golden Plaque - Category: Short Film
Film Critics and Journalists Association of Ceylon
September 4 to 10 1969, Colombo - Sri Lanka

Honourable Mention - Category: Short Film
International Film Festival
September 4 to 10 1969, Colombo - Sri Lanka

Silver Orchid Award for the singular and rigorous application of the principle of animated cinema to a study of motion in dance
International Film Festival of Ballet
July 1 1969, Nervi - Italy

Grand Prize - Category: Short Subject
International Film Festival
June 6 to 21 1969, Melbourne - Australia

Best Animation Film
BAFTA / British Academy Film Awards
March 26 1969, London - England

First Prize - Best Short Film
International Film Festival
November 28 1968, Phnom Penh - Cambodia

Outstanding Film of the Year Award
BFI London Film Festival
November 19 to December 5 1968, London - England

Special Plaque of the Jury
International Film Festival
November 9 to 17 1968, Chicago - USA

Silver Cabildo for the Most Original Film
International Short Film Festival
October 15 to November 15 1968, Buenos Aires - Argentina

Special Prize for Outstanding Artistic Achievement
Genie Awards
October 4 1968, Toronto - Canada

Diploma of Honour
International Film Festival
September 26 to October 6 1968, Locarno - Switzerland

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