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The Hutterites

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The followers of Jacob Hutter live in farm communities, devoutly holding to the rules their founder laid down. Through the kindness of a Hutterite colony in Alberta, this film, in black and white, was made inside the community and shows all aspects of the Hutterites' daily life.

1964, 27 min 56 s

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Blue Ribbon Award - Category: Doctrinal and Denominational Topics
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
April 21 to 24 1965, New York - USA

Landers Associates Award of Merit
Annual Landers Associates Awards
April 1 1965, Los Angeles - USA

Second Prize
Festival dei Popoli / International Film Festival on Social Documentary
February 1 to 7 1965, Florence - Italy

First Prize - Category: Human Relations
Yorkton Film Festival
October 19 to 21 1964, Yorkton - Canada

Chris Certificate Award - Category: Religion
International Film and Video Festival
September 25 1964, Columbus - USA

First Prize (jointly with Springboard to the Sun) - Category: Shorts
Festival of Canadian Films - Montreal International Film Festival
August 7 to 13 1964, Montréal - Canada

Honourable Mention
International Film Festival
May 29 to June 15 1964, Melbourne - Australia

Best Black and White Cinematograpahy to John Spotton, csc
Canadian Cinematography Awards
May 8 1964, Toronto - Canada

Special Award for Black and White Cinematography given to John Spotton
Genie Awards
May 8 1964, Toronto - Canada