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Street Musique

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Visual improvisation on music performed by a popular group presented as sidewalk entertainers. The illustration is by a young film artist and animator who sees life with an amused and imaginative eye. His take-off point is the music, but his own beat is more boisterous than the musicians. He ranges from the most convoluted of abstractions to caricature of familiar rituals, including the bath. A film without words.

1972, 08 min 45 s

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Honorable Mention
International Short Film Festival
November 15 to 30 1974, Buenos Aires - Argentina

Chris Bronze Plaque
International Film and Video Festival
October 25 1973, Columbus - USA

Grand Prix
International Film Festival
May 25 to June 9 1973, Melbourne - Australia

First Prize of the International Animation Film Jury - Accompanied by a Cash Award of 2000DM
International Short Film Festival
April 9 to 14 1973, Oberhausen - Germany

Molinillo de Oro - First Prize - Category: special techniques
International Week of Animation Cinema
December 26 to 30 1972, Barcelona - Spain