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Dance Squared

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This film is an encounter with geometrical shapes, which children can readily understand and enjoy. As the title suggests, Dance Squared employs movement, colour and music to explore the symmetries of the square. Every movement of the square and its components presents an opportunity to observe its geometrical properties in a way that is intriguing to young minds.

1961, 03 min 26 s

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Silver Plaque
International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults
October 31 to November 10 1966, Tehran - Iran

First Prize
International Festival of Didactic Films
May 7 to 9 1964, Lisbon - Portugal

Third Prize
Midwest Film Festival - University of Chicago
April 28 to May 5 1963, Chicago - USA

Award of Merit - Category: Films for Children
Genie Awards
May 26 1962, Toronto - Canada