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A film about the sport of gliding, which creates the feeling of what it is like to soar as silently and effortlessly as a gull. This is a captivating journey into nearer space, where all the beauty of earth and heaven seems to meet at the wide-winged engineless craft poised between them. It will appeal to the adventuresome, but every audience will enjoy these unusual views of Canada's Laurentians and Rockies.

1967, 07 min 45 s

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Judges' Award
British International Sport Film and Television Festival - Videosport
September 8 to 13 1975, Milton Keynes - England

Bronze Medal
International Week of Cinema in Colour
October 24 to November 1 1970, Barcelona - Spain

Hemi Award for Best Short Subject
June 18 to 21 1970, San Antonio - USA

Bronze Medal
International Week of Cinema in Colour
October 11 to 19 1969, Barcelona - Spain

Honourable Mention
International Short Film Festival
October 15 to November 15 1968, Buenos Aires - Argentina

Award for Best Photography
International Festival of Sports and Tourist Films
September 22 1968, Kranj - Yugoslavia

Diploma of Merit
International Film Festival
May 31 to June 15 1968, Melbourne - Australia

Silver Plaque
International Sports Film Festival
February 26 to March 2 1968, Cortina d'Ampezzo - Italy

Special Jury Prize to Jean Roy and Martin Duckworth "for their audacity and originality in the photography"
Festival of Canadian Films - Montreal International Film Festival
August 4 to 18 1967, Montréal - Canada