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The Merry World of Léopold Z

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Christmas Eve in Montréal and, in the midst of the worst blizzard of the year, a man performs that mundane miracle of pleasing everyone, even himself. In this feature film Léopold emerges as the happy-go-lucky type who procrastinates, but for whom everything falls neatly into place. In the midst of a storm, with a snowplow to operate, a boss to please, a New York cousin to meet at the station, and a fur coat to buy for his wife, Léopold does the impossible by doing it all. In the end he even manages to get to midnight Mass, with a conscience almost as clear as the streets he has plowed.

1965, 68 min 20 s

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First Prize - Category: Feature Films
Festival of Canadian Films - Montreal International Film Festival
August 6 to 12 1965, Montréal - Canada

Diploma of Honour
International Film Festival
July 21 to August 1 1965, Locarno - Switzerland