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Farewell Oak Street

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The story of what a low-rental housing project can mean to the people who once shared aged, sub-standard dwellings. A before-and-after picture about people in a large-scale public housing project in Toronto, who, because of the housing shortage, had been forced to live in squalid, dingy flats, all-purpose rooms, and ramshackle houses on a crowded street in Regent Park North. These people were freed through housing development to inhabit new, modern dwellings planned to give a measure of privacy, light and air.

1953, 17 min

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First Prize - Category: Town Planning
International Congress of Housing and Town Planning
July 22 to 28 1956, Vienna - Austria

Recognition of Merit
Annual Golden Reel Film Festival - Film Council of America
April 19 to 23 1955, New York - USA

First Award - Category: Theatrical Short
Genie Awards
May 10 1954, Montréal - Canada