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Made in 1965 to support UNESCO's campaign for water conservation, this film explores the beauty of this so vulnerable resource and shows how quickly it is dwindling through needless waste, especially in countries best endowed with it. In Egypt the film shows how hard it is to come by water, even today when, within sight of laborious water wheels, a great dam rises. But abused or not, water has extraordinary beauty--in the Zuider Zee, the Rhine, the Volga, the Mississippi, the St. Lawrence, and a hundred other streams shown in this film.

1966, 46 min 07 s

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Trophy of the Festival
Festival du film à format réduit
October 12 to 18 1970, Salerno - Italy

Special Award for Colour Cinematography given to Gilles Gascon
Genie Awards
September 23 1967, Toronto - Canada

Grand Prize for the Cinematographic Technique
Electronic, Nuclear and Teleradio cinematographic Review
June 14 to 29 1967, Rome - Italy