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She was the nymph who found refuge in the river reeds when the goat-god Pan pursued her. Syrinx is the first film of Ryan Larkin, a young artist from Norman McLaren's student group. To illustrate the ancient Greek legend of how Pan made his pipes, he employs various charcoal sketches. Accompanying music is Claude Debussy's Syrinx for solo flute.

1965, 02 min 54 s

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Award for Exceptional Merit
International Festival of Short Films
October 18 to 28 1968, Philadelphia - USA

Certificate of Motion Picture Excellence
Golden Gate Awards Competition & International Film Festival
October 11 to 30 1966, San Francisco - USA

First Prize - Best Short Film
International Film Festival
May 15 to 29 1966, Addis-Ababa - Ethiopia

Award - Category: Arts and Experimental
Genie Awards
May 6 1966, Montréal - Canada

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