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To See or Not to See

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Here the Czech film-artist Bretislav Pojar amusingly reflects on our habit of looking before we leap. What he shows us is the little person inside each of us, the cautious character we all know, who acts to keep us out of trouble but also in a state of defeat. Is there a cure for this reluctance to face up to life in the raw? The film shows there is. With the Pojar charm working for you, your worst fears suddenly look plain silly.

1969, 14 min 31 s

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Award - Category: Animation
Film Festival
November 20 to 27 1971, Guadalajara - Mexico

First Prize - Category: Experimental
SODRE International Festival of Documentary and experimental Films
July 2 1971, Montevideo - Uruguay

Blue Ribbon Award
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
May 11 to 15 1971, New York - USA

Etrog for Best Animation Film
Genie Awards
October 3 1970, Toronto - Canada

Etrog: Film of The Year
Genie Awards
October 3 1970, Toronto - Canada

Certificate of Merit
International Film Festival
November 8 to 20 1969, Chicago - USA

Diploma of Honour
International Week of Cinema in Colour
October 11 to 19 1969, Barcelona - Spain

Golden Bear for Best Short Film
International Film Festival
June 25 to July 6 1969, Berlin - Germany