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Manouane River Lumberjacks

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The forests of Québec supply much of the newsprint for North America's newspapers. From fall until spring, the woods echo with the whine of power saws and the shouts of men. It is a tough, cold, and lonely job--the temperature may register -50o but the work continues. A rugged film about a rugged life, it takes you to the very heart of a major Canadian industry.

1962, 27 min 46 s

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International Festival of Cinema
October 31 1985 to November 10 2085, Troia, Portugal

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Landers Associates Award of Merit
Annual Landers Associates Awards
April 1 1965, Los Angeles - USA

Prize of the Critics
International Week of 16mm film
June 29 to July 6 1964, Évian - France

Citation for Subject Matter
Film Festival
April 16 to 19 1964, Ann Arbor - USA

Silver Sail - Second Prize - Category: Documentary and Cultural Films
International Film Festival
July 17 to 28 1963, Locarno - Switzerland