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Mr. Symbol Man

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"Blissymbols" are giving children without speech a joyous new means of communication. This film tells the story of a remarkable man, Australian Charles K. Bliss, who invented a symbol language (pictographs) originally as a means of overcoming the barrier of differing languages, and then found that it has an even greater, more rewarding application when used with speech-handicapped children. This is witnessed in Toronto and Montréal, where the Blissymbols are being used.

1974, 49 min 09 s

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Second Prize - Silver Boomerang and Victorian Government Prize of $1,500AUST
International Film Festival
June 2 to 17 1978, Melbourne - Australia

First Prize - Category: Didactic Films
International Film Festival on Education
October 25 to 30 1976, Mexico City - Mexico

Bronze Reel Award - Category: Documentary
Golden Gate Awards Competition & International Film Festival
October 15 to 26 1975, San Francisco - USA

Golden Reel Award - Category: Documentary
Australian Film Awards
March 23 1975, Sydney - Australia