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Cosmic Zoom

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This film probes the infinite magnitude of space, and its reverse, the ultimate minuteness of matter. Animation art and animation camera achieve this journey to the farthest conceivable point of the universe and then into the tiniest particle of existence--an atom of a living human cell--with a freshness and clarity that would seem impossible with other means of exposition. Film without words.

1968, 08 min

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Award of Excellence
Concours technique international du film UNIATEC (Union internationale des associations techniques cinématographiques)
September 15 to 17 1972, Berlin - Germany

Award for Exceptional Merit
International Festival of Short Films
November 13 to 18 1971, Philadelphia - USA

Diploma of Honour
International Exhibition of Scientific Films
August 1 1970, Buenos Aires - Argentina

Miqueldi de Oro - accompanied with a cash award of 50,000 pesetas
Ibero-American-Filipino Documentary Film Contest
November 24 to 29 1969, Bilbao - Spain

Golden Seal of the City of Trieste
International Festival of Science Fiction Films
July 12 to 19 1969, Trieste - Italy