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An amusing and energetic romp through the letters of the alphabet, each letter with its own objects, animals, or actions to suggest words it begins--A for Apple, Z for Zebra. None, however, retains the expected form for long, fading, changing at the artist's whim. For anyone at the reading-readiness stage, young or old, this is a language film to sharpen words and humour.

1966, 06 min 13 s

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Special Prize of the Ministry of National Education
International Festival of Documentary and Short Film - (Zinebi)
November 27 1968, Bilbao - Spain

Honourable Mention - Silver Medal
International Children's Film Festival
September 1 to 9 1968, La Plata - Argentina

Special Jury Prize
International Animated Film Festival
June 15 to 19 1967, Annecy - France