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A visual poem, vivid, lyrical, as intriguing in its colour fantasy as in the beauty of its images. This is an escape from a merry-go-round of painted horses suddenly turned to flesh and blood, making a wild plunge for freedom. But these are horses of extraordinary colour--lime, mauve, bronze and gold--as if caught in some mysterious kaleidoscope of the dawn. A triumph of technical virtuosity, these unusual effects were achieved in the printing process. Film without words.

1968, 07 min 25 s

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Best Technical and Experimental Film
Israeli Film Festival
December 1 1972, Tel Aviv - Israël

Award for Exceptional Merit
International Festival of Short Films
November 13 to 18 1971, Philadelphia - USA

Award for Best Technical/Experimental Film
Israeli Film Festival
December 1 1969, Tel Aviv - Israël

Diploma of Honour with a Special Mention - Category: Films for Youth
International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults
October 31 to November 10 1969, Tehran - Iran

Certificate of Merit
Golden Gate Awards Competition & International Film Festival
October 22 to November 2 1969, San Francisco - USA

Silver Medal
Exposition internationale du film pour enfants
October 21 to 29 1969, Venice - Italy

Certificate of Merit
International Film Festival
September 4 to 10 1969, Colombo - Sri Lanka