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This is a film about a young man, a girl and a dog, in which the visuals are overexposed or, more technically, given a high contrast. The girl tries to fly with wings more symbolic than practical; the young man and the dog make similar attempts. Music by poet Leonard Cohen, played by The Stormy Clovers.

1966, 06 min 55 s

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Honourable Mention
International Annual Film Festival
October 12 to 21 1967, Vancouver - Canada

Chris Certificate Award - Category: Graphic Arts Category
International Film and Video Festival
October 6 1967, Columbus - USA

First Prize - Category: Arts and Experimental
Genie Awards
September 23 1967, Toronto - Canada

Special Mention - Category: Short Films
Festival of Canadian Films - Montreal International Film Festival
August 4 to 18 1967, Montréal - Canada