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Western ballads, played on guitar, is the only sound used in this romantic portrait of a cowboy rounding up wild horses, lassoing one of the high-spirited animals in the corral, and then going for a glorious plunging ride across the visually spectacular Rocky Mountain foothills in Alberta.

1954, 11 min 27 s

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Recognition of Merit
Annual Golden Reel Film Festival - Film Council of America
April 19 to 23 1955, New York - USA

Special Mention - Category: Theatrical Short
Genie Awards
April 1 1955, Toronto - Canada

Diploma of Merit - Category: Aarts
International Film Festival
August 22 to September 12 1954, Edinburgh - Scotland

First Prize - Category: Documentary Films
Mostra Internatzionale del Cinema
August 6 to 16 1954, Venice - Italy

Second Prize - Bronze Medal - Category: Documentary
International Film Festival
August 1 1954, Durban - South-Africa