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Lines Horizontal / Lignes horizontales

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Two years after making Lines Vertical, Evelyn Lambart and Norman McLaren experimented with rotating their first film by 90 degrees and setting it to a new soundtrack.  

1962, 05 min 55 s

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Special Award
International Annual Film Festival
July 10 to 22 1961, Vancouver - Canada

First Prize - Category: Arts and Experimental
Genie Awards
May 13 1961, Toronto - Canada

First Prize
International Competition CIDALC of Music and Dance in Film (International Committee of Film Education and Culture)
January 29 1961, Valencia - Spain

Selected as an Outstanding Film of the Year for presentation at the London Film Festival
BFI London Film Festival
October 20 to November 4 1960, London - England

Diploma of Merit
International Film Festival
August 21 to September 10 1960, Edinburgh - Scotland

First Prize - Category: Experimental
Mostra Internatzionale del Cinema
July 20 to 30 1960, Venice - Italy