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Above the Horizon

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An exciting exploration of weather and how we may one day learn to control it. For this film a great deal of extraordinary colour footage of the sky was put together, including a demonstration of rain-making. There are views of the geysers of the sun, of bright streamers of northern lights, of wind-stirred clouds, and even of the awesome fury of a hurricane.

1964, 20 min 54 s

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Gold Rocket - Great Prize for the Filmmaking Technique and Best Film in the Scientific Category
Electronic, Nuclear and Teleradio cinematographic Review
March 7 to 22 1970, Rome - Italy

Mention for popularization of a scientific subject
International Scientific Film Festival
October 20 to 24 1969, Lyon - France

Diploma of Honour
International Exhibition of Scientific Films
May 1 1968, Buenos Aires - Argentina

Award of Merit - Category: Films for Children
Genie Awards
May 6 1966, Montréal - Canada

Orbit Award
April 1 to June 1 1966, Sydney - Australia

First Prize - Category: Didactic Films
International Survey of Scientific and Didactic Films
November 8 to 14 1965, Padova - Italy