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Although the spectacular tales are told about the ships that sail the high seas, there is romance also in the little tugs that serve the waterfront. Filmed in Montréal harbour, this is the story of a now-retired tugboat, the Sir Hugh Allan. It is told by the captain himself and given musical counterpoint in a song composed about a tug. The film goes back almost half a century to include many scenes and anecdotes of what the St. Lawrence traffic used to be like.

1968, 15 min 14 s

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Honorable Mention
International Film and Video Festival
October 22 to 24 1996, Columbus - USA

Silver Apple Award
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 18 1996, Oakland - USA

Prize awarded "for the high definition of its IMAX format shots as used in the dramatic development"
Itinerant - Concours technique international du film UNIATEC
October 14 to 18 1989, Montréal - Canada

Certificate of Merit - Category: General Interest and Documentary
Cork Film Festival
September 13 to 20 1969, Cork - Ireland