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Ghosts of a River

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The river is the powerful Columbia, and this film preserves a picture of it as it is now--wild, untamed, coursing through an impressively beautiful mountain region, sparsely populated but replete with history. Soon, however, many of the old ghost towns, abandoned mines and other reminders of gayer times will disappear as the dams and reservoirs of giant hydro-electric power developments change the face of the Columbia River valley.

1966, 19 min 17 s

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International Film Festival
August 25 to September 7 1969, Adelaide - Australia

Gold Delphan - First Prize - category Geography
International Educational Film Festival
August 1 1968, Tehran - Iran

Notable Film Award
Calvin Workshop Awards
February 1 1968, New York - USA

Directors' Guild of Canada Award for Best Editing given to Jacques Godbout
Genie Awards
September 23 1967, Toronto - Canada

First Prize - Category: Films with a Geographic or Geological Content
Festival of Tourist and Folklore Films
November 14 to 18 1966, Brussels - Belgium

First Prize - Category: 35mm
Canadian Tourist Association Awards
October 11 1966, Toronto - Canada

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