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Thousand Islands Summer

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This is a light-hearted film about a summer camp for young girls and their energetic enthusiasm for outdoor life--swimming, hiking, campfire gatherings. Photographed at Camp Mohawk in the beautiful Thousand Islands holiday area of the St. Lawrence River, this colour film provides a good example of the organization, care and preparation that make a summer camp a happy, healthy experience.

(Please note that this film was produced in 1960 and reflects the attitudes and thinking of its era. To modern audiences, parts of the film may be perceived as offensive, but it must be seen as a cultural product of the era in which it was produced. The perspectives of Canadians (and the NFB) have evolved and become more conscious of Indigenous rights, realities and points of view since the making of the film. Through its rich collection of Indigenous-made films, available at Indigenous Cinema, the NFB continues to strive to challenge stereotypes about Indigenous people and accurately depict the diverse experiences of Indigenous communities.)

1960, 13 min 30 s

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