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The rock music scene of the early 1970s--the Rolling Stones, the Stampeders, Whiskey Howl, Alice Cooper--they're all here! Along with classic footage from concerts and recording sessions, Rock-A-Bye looks behind the scenes at record companies and radio studios.

The stars also have their say. Ronnie Hawkins chats from the back seat of a Rolls, and Zal Yanovsky of The Lovin' Spoonful tells hilarious anecdotes of his rise to fame, which lasted only 18 months. The camera also goes into a small New York club where Muddy Waters sings and plays guitar, the bluesman who inspired so many great rock musicians.

The film ends with Alice Cooper, the first shock rocker, singing "Dead Babies" with a doll and a hatchet. This classic, entertaining rockumentary captures an era!

1973, 49 min 40 s