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The Back-breaking Leaf

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Smokers say it's relaxing, but tobacco harvesters call it "the back-breaking leaf." Here is a graphic picture of the tobacco harvest in southwestern Ontario, presented from the points of view of the transient field workers who move in for a brief bonanza when the leaves are ripe, and of the farmers who depend solely on this crop. A 1959 black and white production.

1959, 29 min 30 s

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Diploma of Merit - Category: Films dealing with the problems of people at work
International Labour and Industrial Film Triennal
November 20 to 27 1963, Antwerp - Belgium

Blue Ribbon Award - Category: Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
April 19 to 22 1961, New York - USA

Eurovision Grand Prix - Documentary Film
International Film Festival
May 4 to 20 1960, Cannes - France