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Bead Game / Histoire de perles

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In this fascinating, innovative exercise in animation, thousands of beads are arranged and manipulated, assuming shapes of creatures both mythical and real. They continually devour, merge, and absorb one another in explosions of colour. The theme is one of aggression and inevitability, but any conclusion is left to the viewer. Sound film without words.

1977, 05 min 35 s

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Bronze Plaque - Category: Art and Culture
International Film and Video Festival
October 25 1979, Columbus - USA

Best of Category
P.A.C.T. Film Festival
October 13 1979, Honolulu - USA

Third Prize
International Film Festival
May 9 to 22 1979, Baltimore - USA

Prize with a cash award of $100US
Humboldt International Film Festival
April 3 to 8 1979, Arcata - USA

Second Prize
Kenyon Film Festival
January 1 1979, Gambier - USA

Gold Medal - Special Jury Award
International Film Festival
November 10 to 19 1978, Miami - USA

Certificate for outstanding achievement
Golden Gate Awards Competition & International Film Festival
October 4 to 15 1978, San Francisco - USA

Blue Ribbon Award - Category: Visual Essays
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
May 21 to 26 1978, New York - USA

Award of Excellence
Film Advisory Board Incorporated
March 28 1978, Los Angeles - USA

Best Short Fictional Film
BAFTA / British Academy Film Awards
March 16 1978, London - England

Special Prize for Animation - with a cash award of 3,000 Marks GDR
International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
November 19 to 26 1977, Leipzig - Germany

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