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Wolf Pack

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A nature film that shows the absorbing, even admirable qualities of the wolf's character and behaviour, and its essential role in the natural scheme of life and death. Filmed by Bill Mason in caribou country, Wolf Pack closely observes the wolves through late winter into early spring. What emerges is a portrait of the wolf as a disciplined hunter, a respected leader, and a parent whose care for the young ensures the survival of the pack.

1974, 19 min 58 s

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Award given by the Learning A-V Magazine
Learning A-V Magazine
December 1 1978, Palo Alto - USA

Coupe du Ministre des spectacles
International Festival of Cinema for Youth and Children
July 29 to August 6 1978, Salerno - Italy

Award for Best Film
International Wildlife Film Festival
April 8 to 9 1978, Missoula - USA

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