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I Wasn't Scared

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Based upon a fictional story of suspense and drama, this film involves two school-children who come across an unexploded World War II bomb. The discovery awakens the curiosity of one child and the fear of the other. Designed to alert children to the various types of dangerous explosive devices they may find in Canada and be tempted to tamper with, the film clearly identifies the devices. To ensure the film's effectiveness, the filmmaker presents the information in a highly dramatic format.

1977, 20 min 27 s

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Honourable Mention
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
May 28 to June 2 1979, New York - USA

Silver Plaque
International Film Festival
November 3 to 19 1978, Chicago - USA

Bronze Plaque
National Committee on Films for Safety
October 2 1978, Chicago - USA

Silver Cindy Award
Cindy Competition
September 6 to 10 1978, Hollywood - USA