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At the End of My Days

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Some older people fall between "categories"--those who are not well enough to go into residence, but are not ill enough to go into a nursing home. This film follows the slow and painful itinerary of an aged couple with diminishing capacities, both physical and mental, who are facing a complexity of problems by no means unique. Adélard Levasseur ends his days in a hospital for the chronically ill, embittered and despairing at having been removed from his home. (French with English subtitles.)

1975, 85 min 40 s

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Professional Gri-Gri d'Or
Festival psychiatrie sans frontières
October 23 to 27 1984, Nice - France

Silver Sesterce
Visions du Réel / Festival international du cinéma documentaire
October 16 to 23 1976, Nyon - Switzerland