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This Is an Emergency

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The energy problem has finally reached our pocketbooks, the point where real solutions have to be found. Industry and citizens must look for ways to conserve energy in order to lower the escalating cost of operating factories, heating homes and transporting people and goods. This Is an Emergency looks at some of the methods used in Sweden and gives practical solutions to the much talked about energy crisis. In an entertaining way, the film delivers important information about controlling energy costs that affect the price of goods we buy.

1979, 28 min 50 s

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Judges' Award
North American Consumer Film Festival
June 23 to 24 1981, Washington - USA

Diploma of Honour
International Film Festival
June 2 to 7 1981, Cracow - Poland

Finaliste Award
Film Festival
May 16 1981, Clear Creek - USA

Silver Screen Award
U.S. Industrial Film Festival
May 8 1981, Elmhurst - USA

Finalist Award
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 1 to 15 1981, Oakland - USA