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Luna, Luna, Luna

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A child sleepwalks into the forest. A black vastness inhabited by night creatures throbs and chirps, croaks and gurgles. As she wades deeper into the shimmering night, the real forest and the imaginary one dissolve into each other. Apparitions and phantoms begin their nocturnal dance. The atmosphere becomes charged and witches come shrieking to life. When the fear of the night reaches its peak, the moon rises and the final lunacy begins. An animated film about a child's reaction to the mysteries and magic of the night. Film without words.

1981, 12 min 33 s

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Award for Best Animation Film
International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults
March 3 to 9 1983, Lausanne - Switzerland

Special Jury Award for the Sound Effects
World Festival of Animated Films
June 12 to 25 1982, Zagreb - Croatia