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A Right to Refuse?

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Three workers are involved in repairing a defective boiler. Because insufficient time has elapsed to permit adequate cooling, the men are working under hazardous conditions. A course of action open to the workers is indicated by one of the three who is a shop steward. A Right to Refuse? is an open-ended drama intended to stimulate discussion about a worker's right to refuse dangerous work. Scripted in close association with the Canadian Labour Congress, the film is the first in a series called People at Work, designed for use within the context of worker education and steward-training courses. In this film a boiler room, too hot for safety, is used as the setting, but the issues dealt with can apply to workers and management in a wide range of jobs.

1981, 13 min 30 s

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Red Ribbon Award - Category: Business and Industry
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
May 30 to June 4 1983, New York - USA